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Once upon a time, I thought I was just a girl, but now it seems I'm here to save the world.

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[pm] You think? I mean, yeah. Probably right. Only, you know… There’s the whole… And anyway in that case it wouldn’t be a demon we thought was a kid. 


I had no doubts about that one. 

Also, I told Salem I’d help her hunt down her former ankle-biter tonight. I figured it’d be alright. Right? I mean, don’t want to send her out on her own and took on that other one already so…

[pm] Yeah, there is the whole no children thing with us. Which works. Robin was pretty scared by you killing his mom and we’d be lying to think I’d actually make it to 30.

Uh, you think someone else could do that?

c spike    


[pm] I’m glad to hear you have such confidence in me. 


[pm] You’re pretty awesome. I think you can recover.

c maggie    


[pm] Please. Simon can’t look anywhere but at his feet when I buy bras. I don’t think he could handle shopping for the “other things” in public. He swears the handcuffs in his drawer are for security purposes, in case he has to detain an attacker.


It’s been an insane week. I couldn’t even cover everything if I tried. But I’m fine. I wasn’t affected.

[pm] Oh, I definitely believe you. I just have an excellent idea for what to get you for Valentine’s Day now.

That’s good. I’d prefer it if you weren’t obsessing over some creepy little demon baby.


[pm] I’ve a fair hand at languages. If I could see the text, I might be able to help.

[pm] Oh, great! I could scan it and then email it over to you. Thank you so much, Penelope.

It’s pretty good. Angel got me takeout a few days ago. He always remembers all of my favorites.

He’s a sweetheart like that. I’m glad things haven’t been too hectic for you. You’re always welcome to come over, you know.

infinteillyria    c fred    


[pm] Slayer and a vampire protecting a dangerous demon egg with their lives? Yeah, that’s not a recipe for disaster. 


Not to mention Chip. Apparently the demons had a taste for kittens.

[pm] I’m pretty sure that’d be how it’d work if we actually had a kid too.

If Fish and Chips is ever eaten, I swear…it won’t be pretty, believe me.


[pm] Clearly. Though admittedly, I think ‘shot in the knee’ is a new one. It’s been rather a….hectic week. And an embarrassing one. 

[pm] You’re Maggie Wells. I’m sure you’ll come out on top.

c maggie    


[pm] Why not absinthe? Yeah, she’s still staying here.

[pm] Because absinthe is gross.

How’ve you been doing, Angel? I’ve been thinking about you lately. I don’t want your soul…I just have been worried.

c angel    


[pm] Just as you say.

Is there anything I can do for you?

[pm] Do you know anyone who can identify ancient texts? I just can’t put my finger on what language this one passage is in. 

Buffy! Hi! (Fred here--again!)

Hey, Fred! How’s life?